04 Nov

Sign through substance – a group exhibition of puppetry

Hosted by: hardik


Discover the fascinating world of puppetry at the group exhibition “Sign through Substance” curated by Dr. Mienke Fouché. Held at Artbox Gallery & Framing on SAT, 4 NOV at 01:00 UTC+02, this event delves into the dual nature of puppets as real objects and illusionary entities through the eyes of fine artists. Explore the importance of ‘objectness’ and ‘subjectness’ in the manifestation of puppets, where physical objects meet metaphysical entities. With a duration of 3 hours, this exhibition promises to challenge your perception of puppetry. Don’t miss this unique showcase of artistry and creativity. Event organized by Artbox Gallery & Framing. Contact or 083 384 2402 for more details.


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