13 Jan

Regionals @ Geek Home

Hosted by: hardik


Join us at Regionals @ Geek Home, hosted by Zander Bronkhorst and Yu-Gi-Oh! South Africa. The event will take place at The Geek Home in Pretoria, South Africa on SAT, 13 JAN at 11:00 UTC+02.

Registration opens at 10:30, with round 1 starting promptly at 11:00. Tickets are priced at R350, with each player receiving 1 Rarity Collection and 2 Age of Overlord booster packs. Top 8 players will win a playmat, while Top 4 will receive a deckbox.

Prizes are based on Swiss standings, with additional prizes and OTS Packs added to the Top 8 pool. Decklists are required and can be submitted via email or at registration. Purchase your tickets on the Geek Home website and get ready for a day of competitive gaming!


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